• UPDATE - JULY 2016

    NEWSLETTER July 15 2016

    Work has begun on the allotment field this week.

    On Tuesday we met a representative from Duffy’s who assessed the ground work needed for the carpark and arranged to start next Monday.

    On Wednesday the grass (knee high) was cut by Continental Landscapes (free of charge).

    On Thursday an area of hedging was removed to create the new entrance. A nesting survey was conducted last week, by Richard Wilson, a local freelance ecologist (again free of charge) to ensure we would not be disturbing any nesting birds or destroying nests.

    Tony is now arranging a date for the boundary fencing and the new drainage system to be installed.

    Things are moving apace.





    HONEST, we are.

    The committee have met and arranged to get things on the move. That means getting our contractors on site as soon as maybe to create the new entrance so we no longer have to climb over the existing gate. Then we will need you to help plant the new hedgerow - a planting party perhaps (bring your own spade), details to follow. Then we need a new drainage system from the top of the field to our new boundary before we mark out the pathways and plots ready for you all to get stuck in.

    At first the allotment will be a bit basic until we can raise funds to top up the original awards which now fall short ofl the quotes (because of the lengthy delays we have had to endure) However, onwards and upwards is our clarion call.


  • May 2015

    By Derek Hanton, May 14 2015

    What's happening?

    The solicitor acting on behalf of Alwoodley Parish Council advised that the original lease was not fit for purpose (something we told them back in Febuary 2014) and when LCC was contacted they agreed and stated that they were in the process of re-writing a new version. You might question why they didn't do that last year.

    This has now been done and I'm assured that his negotiations ref. the lease with LCC are nearing completion. When full agreement is reached a "piggy back" lease will be prepared between APC and ourselves which in turn will be scrutinised on our behalf by the legal team at the National Allotment & Leiure Gardeners Society.

    Most of the contentious issues were discussed within the working party (including our representantives and parish councillors) so I can't see there being anything that APC include in our lease that would be a deal breaker.

    It's over five years now that we've been trying to get allotments for Alwoodley and we have met with all sorts of delays and excuses, surely we must now be reaching the end of the tunnel. Let's just hope the light stays on.

  • December 2014

    I was pleased to see that so many of you had braved the foul weather to attend the AGM on Friday 21 November and that we were able to agree a number of motions intended to make our association stronger and healthier as we move nearer to actually getting on the field.


    Alwoodley Parish Council are keen to complete the project and get us off their backs but there have to be as many safeguards for them as for us and their solicitor is working with Leeds City Council’s legal department to achieve a compatible lease which can then be transposed into their lease to us. We in turn are being represented by the legal team at the National Allotment Society (one of the benefits of paying our £186.00 membership fee). Hopefully all three legal parties will come up with a mutually beneficial outcome sooner than later.

    I would like to thank our outgoing committee members, Kevin (Secretary), Simon & Chris for all the hard work & commitment they have given to the association and to welcome our new committee.

    President: Leonard Fineberg (Life)

    Chair: Derek Hanton (re-elected)

    Vice chair: David Brown (new)

    Secretary: Chris Parton (new)

    Treasurer: Paul Walker (re-elected)

    Membership Secretary: Nicola Walmsley (re-elected)

    Nick Coulter (re-elected)

    Graham Smith (re-elected)

    Dayananda Paliwadana (new)

    Ranuka Paliwadana (new)

    Maurice Thomson (new)

    Kevin is a founder member of the association and though he is standing down from the committee will mentor Chris until she is up to speed and I’m sure we will be able to rely on his expertise and wisdom whenever we call on him in the future.

    The new committee have a fair old work load in front of them but I’m sure that with the diversity of their skills and commitment to achieving the agenda we will be rewarded with an allotment association the rest can only aspire to.

  • After several months work, Leeds City Council has completed the lease agreement for the allotment site. This has just been forwarded to the parish councils for checking and hopefully we will soon be in a position to get on the land. We will keep you updated as things progress.

    P.P Kevin McHugh

    AAA Secretary

  • Our 'beloved' treasurer and fund raiser, Paul, has advised me that he has arranged for 420 trees to be delivered to my house on Monday. I quote " Because you're retired and will be around".

    The Woodland Trust have very kindly donated the trees for the northern border of our allotment site:-

    60 hawthorn

    90 rowan

    75 blackthorn

    75 silver birch

    60 hazel

    60 common oak

    Now, I'm sure (I hope) these are saplings which can be stored until we get the field otherwise my garage is going to be overwhelmed.

    Read more ...
  • We've got the planning permission for the loo, the gates, the car park & the cabins.

    The lease from LCC to Alwoodley Parish Council is being scanned by the solicitors and APC's sub-lease to us is being prepared.

    When we get sight of it we have to check it over but we're not expecting anything contentious.

    We then have to finalise our Allotment Rules and Tenancy Agreements with APC and LCC.

    At that point we will call an extra-ordinary general meeting and cover all the necessary points, paperwork, rents etc. with you all.


    Take a deep breath and get ready for the off cos we're almost there.

  • YES!!

    Our plans for a composting toilet, community cabin, storage cabin, new gated entrance and car parking area have been approved by LCC planning dept.

    Some conditions have been applied e.g what colour green we can paint the cabins but we can live with that.

    All we need now is for LCC legal dept to send the lease to Alwoodley Parish Council for approval and for APC to then sub-lease to the association. We are anticipating completion in early 2014.

  • We have just received planning approval for the buildings and entrance for the allotment site.

    We now just need the lease from Leeds City Council to be sent to and approved by Alwoodley Parish Council and APC to sub-lease to us AND THEN WE CAN START TO GET THE ALLOTMENT READY FOR USE.

    We'll keep you posted.



  • Hi everyone,

    Just a few lines to remind you that we shall be holding our AGM at the Leodiensian Rugby Club on Crag Lane on Saturday 16th November 10:30.

    If you want to include any items for the agenda you will need to advise Kevin at k_mchugh12@hotmail.com Also, so that we can cater for the correct numbers please let Kevin know if you won't be able to attend.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there.


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